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Introducing Learn2Story.com

How, in justaMusing about jobs, occupations and avocations, did I miss vocation? Which has some weird definitions until you get to “a call, summons, or impulsion to perform a certain function or toward which one believes himself to be called.” This is what writing in general, and storytelling in particular, are coming to mean to me. Because it just feels so good. Good enough to want to share.

So my colleague Jack Ricchiuto and I have partnered up to present storytelling workshops to people who have a lot of good information they want to share and need the narrative structure necessary to make it understandable and compelling to others. People who want to perform as storytellers or people who need to convey information (scientists, organizational leaders, etc.) to others, whether it be through speaking or writing.

We’re offering story-crafting and storytelling workshops of varying lengths.  Here is what’s offered in a three-hour workshop, which you can find under our in-construction webpage, Learn2Story.com:

  • Knowing what gives good stories the power of their narrative structure
  • Learning a simple model for storyboarding any kind of story
  • Reshaping your stories for a variety of contexts
  • Critiquing stories for better flow, structure and impact
  • Growing your story portfolio for a greater variety of stories to draw from
  • Interviewing others to help them tell their stories and have their stories to tell
  • Delivering stories with dramatic flair and engaging others in storytelling
  • Practicing warmup activities to get your narrative juices flowing

Now, doesn’t that sound both enjoyable and valuable?

So check out our webpage and let us know if you’d like to have a workshop.  As we work on the webpage, we’ll have testimonials, videos, etc. Right now, we’re just really into our vocation.


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