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One of the Landmark Ed. distinctions I really like is about that voice we all have in our heads, the one that chatters constantly.  If you think you don’t have one, be silent for a few minutes. It’ll talk to you.

It’s called your already-always listening, because it never stops.  Mine often says some version of “there’s something wrong here,” or “I should be really worried about that,” or “if I do x, y and z, what will my friends and family think?”

It takes a conscious choice to say to that voice, “Cut it out.  Maybe you were of some use to me when you first cropped up, but not anymore.  Not NOW.”  It takes diligence to challenge this voice, to replace it with an often-happier voice.

This morning I woke up in Los Angeles, on the first full day of vacation, and it occurred to me that this one thing I’d been really concerned about, that’s been rattling around in my head and causing me anxiety, really wasn’t a problem.  It was FINE.  It was ALL GOOD.

And to keep these happy thoughts and others in my head, being what drives me into action (rather than being paralyzed by fear and doubt), I created radio station CAKS, which happens to be my initials.

CAKS says something like:

“Good morning, world!  Isn’t it a gorgeous day?  How great is it to wake up next to the person you love, and to have another person you love in the next room?  It’s awesome.  Awesome also to have food, and coffee, and places to go and people to see, and fresh fruit, and music, and dancing.

“You can notice all this and more when you stay tuned to CAKS.  And if you encounter occasional static, just wiggle your rabbit ears (remember those? TV antennas, young people).  Listen to your heart instead of your head, take Julia Smith’s advice and get centered, do something that makes you happy.  Tune in to your senses, acknowledge the creative, confident, happy and healthy, inspired and inspiring, radiant, playful, present and young person that you are.  Yes, listener, dare to be CHIRPY!”

Just now that pernicious little already-always tried to butt in and say, “you need a better deejay.  This one’s goofy.”  But I am the producer here at CAKS, I get to call the shots, I get to be heard, and nobody’s listening to me anyway.

Oh, wait:  you are!

“Thank you for listening to radio station CAKS coming to you live this week from hot & sunny Los Angeles.  If you’d like to be a part of this conversation, leave me a comment.  Meantime, these voices in this head will be lying by the pool reading a novel.

Signing off for now!”


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