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What Have You Learned Since Your Last Birthday?

JournalsOn my birthday last November, my wonderful daughters gave me this lovely gift.

They secretly sent an email to a lot of my family and friends, asking “What have you learned since your last birthday?”

Then they wrote the responses on little cards, with the author’s birthday, with their names on the back, and put them in cellophane pockets throughout three journals.

The replies are wonderful.

“I have found that one can live a life of new adventures at any age.” (Karen L.)

“You can mix tequila with any damn thing and it will work.” (David P.)

“I’ve learned that age has its many privileges, such as the discount at the Greenbelt theater and the right to park all day on Cheverly Avenue close to the Metro station.” (Gabe H.)

“At 45, I’ve learned that wine and cheese do make for a well-balanced meal.”  (Therese B.)

“Being retired is much better than not being retired!!” (Susan K.)

” … I got hearing aids and discovered that my guitar playing is’t as good as I thought it was.” (Dan L.)

“Metamucil every day, followed faithfully by Charmin Extra Soft.” (Mark M.)

“Wondrous connections can be created and grow from one light, sensitive, inquisitive birthday touch. … (Dan S.)

And so many more!!  The problem now is, I don’t want to write in the journals!  I want more cellophane envelopes with sage advice and witty thoughts.  So, please, send me yours.

Oh, and since my last birthday I’ve learned that happiness lies in who you’re being, and not in what you’re doing.  And that family and friends are EVERYTHING!


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