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Bitten by the Storytelling Bug

“She sure does like the sound of her own voice.”  My grandmother used to say this of me, as if it were a bad thing: liking the sound of your own voice.  My entire family will attest to the fact that I didn’t let this shut me up, but I did somehow get it into my head that I didn’t have anything really worth people listening to.  Oh, I have an Irish wit and a way with words, but my only foray into acting was disastrous and attempting stand-up comedy wasn’t much better.  I’ve got one complete and one nearly complete novel on my hard drive, where they will rightfully remain cyber-locked. Here’s me during Bad Mommy Moments.

Then I took my first storytelling class at SpeakeasyDC  a year or so ago, and I’m smitten.  Took classes 101 and 201, each with a final live showcase.  Got asked to be in an ensemble show called Bad Mommy Moments, Imagewhich was an awesome experience.  Then told two stories on the main stage, in front of about 250 people.  So exhilarating! (Click here for School Board Story.)

Telling stories that really capture people’s attention is hard and a whole lot of fun.  It’s the first art form I’ve ever felt really comfortable doing.  I’m told I’m a natural, though, like anything, coming off as natural takes a lot of rehearsing.  I so appreciate the training and the chance to perform @SpeakeasyDC.  Maybe someday I’ll take the show on the road.  Because I sure do, apparently, like the sound of my own voice.


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