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Not-So-Bad Mommy Moments

I made my professional stage debut last month, and it was awesome.  I was invited to be in this special SpeakeasyDC event, directed by the ebullient Amy Couchoud, with six other women, talking about all things Mommyhood.  I hope to get the video sometime and post it, but for now, check out this awesome poster.  After months of twice-a-week rehearsals and fine-tuning of material and learning a lot about acting instead of telling, we performed two sold-out shows at the Montgomery College theatre–300 audience members total!  My co-stars were, well, stellar, each one telling a story that was moving, fun, enchanting and always authentic.  I love, love, love storytelling.  I love, love, love SpeakeasyDC for being full of such warm, welcoming people.  I love, love, love my family and friends who came out for the show.  I’m performing at the open mic this coming Tues., June 12 and then again Friday, June 15, at a show featuring stories in progress.  Check out the website for times, locations, tickets, etc.  I would love to see you there!  And remind me to tell you about the time ….


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