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April and May: Eventful coupla’ months

Never a dull moment.  April started off with a celebration of our 29th anniversary in NYC, courtesy of Julia and Leigh Ann.  First stop was a lovely dinner made by niece Nikki and nephew-in-law Dave at their 17th floor apt. overlooking the East River.

Next morning Julia hosted a brunch  with friends of hers we love–including future son-in-law Anuj, Annie and Marc and Amee.  We piled into the car and went to Brooklyn Flea, then Dan explored the Brooklyn Botanic Garden while we went to the museum.  Nice dinner out for pizza.

Next morning we had brunch with Dan’s high school friend Lois before being surprised by an anniversary gift of a Broadway play, Venus in Fur, which we all loved.

Dinner courtesy of J & L at Ma Peche where we were treated like royalty by Julia’s high school friend Kathleen who’s on the wait staff there.  An excellent celebration, though we missed Leigh Ann terribly!  Stopped off at the Laughman’s on the way back, always great fun.

Dining room at Ma Peche

I got deep into rehearsals for SpeakeasyDC”s Bad Mommy Moments, my first storytelling gig.  Had a lovely Easter, with everything blossoming early. MJ and I went to the Arboretum where for once I saw the azaleas in full bloom.I forgot to take pictures but had a nice dinner with old friends from Neighborhood Reinvestment–Claudia, John, Julie and Carol.  Our potluck group CHIPS was hosted by the McCords.  Dan’s sister Diane arrived from Wyoming for two weeks while I went off to Pittsburgh to see nephew Thomas in Grease, and he was great.  A very fast, 24-hour trip.Julia and Anuj came to town and we spent the weekend looking at possible wedding venues with them and his parents, Alka and Kaushik.   Only a tad overwhelming!I was pleased to travel to Schenectady to meet a client’s board and head of a foundation, stopping off first at a ceremony in Albany in acknowledgment of National Murder Victims’ Month.  A very touching and inspiring time.Went to an excellent performance by singer Tamara Wellons at Joe’s Movement Emporium, which was an all-original performance piece based on There Eyes Were Watching God.  A fun barbecue at Linda and Dave’s, book club at Karen White’s, first full-cast run-through of Bad Mommies at Miss Pixie’s on 14th Street.

Then came May!  Celebrated Dan’s 61st birthday at a Nationals vs. Phillies game with some great friends.  Then came the ChevProm.  Ed Terry had the great idea of decorating our table in an Arabian Nights theme, which we pulled off in a first-place-winning, way-over-the-top way.  Ed was in full Arabian regalia, Paulette channeled Barbara Eden, Jim Vigan looked majestic in a long robe, Dan and the other guys looked like an Arabian mob squad, and the rest of us dressed however we could in the spirit of things.  We won first place, danced like mad, had Joe and Susan Pruden take our group photo … all in all, a really fun event.  Cheverly really does rock.

Sandra arrived from Pittsburgh during the party and immediately lost her car keys, which I found the next morning.  She came into town for Bad Mommy Moments, as did Karen and Dan from Delaware.  Before the show, though, we had our quarterly Couples Coaching Couples meeting at Paul and Carol’s, where I did an impromptu performance of my bad mommies piece for about 20 people, which went over well and was very helpful to me.

Many fab friends came to the performance, which was, if I do say so myself, awesome.  Performing is so magical.  And I so value the power of rehearsing, which makes everything look so effortless and natural.  We performed in the 125-seat theater that is part of Montgomery College’s performance complex in Silver Spring.  Two sold-out performances, SO much fun.  Even kept our spirits up when we went to an after-party at a local bar and walked back to our car, only to find the garage had been locked up.  Fortunately Linda Cameron and her guest from France, Sebastian, were still by our side, so we hopped a cab to their parking garage, took a bit of time to find her car, and then came home.

Along with Sandra, we celebrated Mother’s Day with Dan’s parents at Collington, a delicious brunch, and then she drove us to get our car before heading back to Pittsburgh.

Our niece Jennifer Dynes Cruise visited Chuck and Martha, and the four little girls fell in love with Grandpa.Leigh Ann came home via Pittsburgh, where she was in her friend Morgan’s wedding.Then we prepped for the fabulous engagement party thrown by the Shah’s for Julia and Anuj.  (Really hope to add a nice photo of the Shahs, but I’m getting burned out here.)

I topped off April and May with a business trip to Denver to meet the fabulous board of our client MVFR–proving that I did, indeed, work.  But  who wants to talk about work when what you do best is play?!


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