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Dinner Party at Brooklyn Museum

Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” was so groundbreaking when she finished it, but I had never seen it.  While visiting Julia yesterday we stumbled into its permanent installation at the Brooklyn Museum.  Oh. My. God.  A huge triangular table with place settings for individual women, each with hand-embroidered, draped placemats and beautiful ceramic plates.  I am definitely coming back for seconds.

The Dinner Table Setting

St. Bridget's Setting

Marcella's Setting

Detail of Elizabeth's "Placemat"

Other highlights of NYC 3/30-4/1: Dinner at Nikki and Dave Goodsmith’s apt. on the 17th floor overlooking the East River; brunch at Julia’s with Anuj, Amee, Annie & Mark; Dan getting locked inside the Brooklyn Botanical Garden while we were in the museum; pizzeria for dinner; bars for Final Four; morning brunch with Dan’s high school chum Lois at Rosewater; Big Anniversary Surprise thanks to Julia and Leigh Ann:  Broadway for Venus in Fur, then dinner at Ma Peche (both four stars!); feet now up on coffee table.   I am lovin’ life.


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