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My Two-Thirds Life

First place in Most Beautiful Baby contest. My mother said, "You weren't the most beautiful, either, Cathy Ann. You just had the most personality."

I am two-thirds of the way through my life if I live to be the national average for women.  Wow.

How do I approach this final third?

I knew from the time I read my first sentence that I would be a writer and a voracious reader.  But I want to expand from being a writer-for-hire (not that that’s a bad thing!)   I want to write things that matter to me.  I want to have discourses with people about what I write.  (So send me some comments already!)  I want to inspire other writers, especially young people.  I want to acknowledge how great it is to write-for-hire (thank you, clients!) and get complete with the as-yet-unpublished novel stashed in a virtual drawer.  I have a lot of interest in comedy and storytelling and memoir-writing and blogging and writing the novel I’m meant to write.

I want to be totally in love with the people in my life and contribute to them in any way I can.

So I’m approaching my third third doing the things that light me up.  Taking risks.  Being visible.  Writing from the heart.  Trusting my intellect.  Being aware of and making room for opportunities.  Being intentional.  Making way for miracles.

It’s Act Three:  By now the gun is supposed to have been fired and the story should be climaxing. It’s nearly time for the denouement, that fancy French word for the slide down to the end of the story.  But I prefer to see where I am as expanding, like I’m a loaf of bread that is taking its sweet time to fully rise.

Bring on the flavor, I say.

Welcome to my miraculous final third.


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